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Eliminate Paperwork
Now even the smallest funeral home can afford an electronic funeral ledger. LedgerPRO™ eliminates hours of tedious paperwork. Vital statistics can be entered once and then stored in the computer for future use. LedgerPRO and PrintPRO share the same data so you'll never have to re-type information again. A new feature makes LedgerPRO even easier to use by allowing you to enter data by clicking the on-screen copy of the form. 


LedgerPRO isn't just for funeral homes.  Hospitals, coroners, removal services, and others may use it to manage their paperwork.

LedgerPRO allows you to designate a case as preneed. All the biographical and family information can be entered at the time of prearrangement.

Save Time and Money
Using the information entered in the electronic ledger, LedgerPRO prepares all government forms including death certificates, burial permits, Veterans Administration Claims and Social Security statements. Information can be printed on the official pre-printed forms or on plain paper or electronically where regulatory authorities permit. Standard obituaries, clergy cards and funeral ledgers are included, and customized formats can be programmed for a modest fee.

LedgerPRO also includes basic non-financial reports. You can sort cases alphabetically, numerically or in a number of other ways.


LedgerPRO can send data to FrontRunner™ websites.

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